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Heavy Weight Banners are 13 mil scrim banner vinyl with grommets in all corners and every 2-3 feet.
These are digitally printed, then hemmed with banner tape.

Heavy Weight Digitally Printed Banner - Unlimited Colors
HEIGHT3 ft. 4 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. 8 ft. 10 ft.12 ft.15 ft.
1 ft. $29.00$32.00$35.00$38.00$44.00$50.00$56.00$65.00
2 ft. $38.00$44.00$50.00$56.00$68.00$80.00$92.00$110.00
3 ft. $47.00$56.00$65.00$74.00$92.00$110.00$128.00$155.00
4 ft. $56.00$68.00$80.00$92.00$116.00$140.00$164.00$200.00
Any Size Available from 1' x 1' up to 4' x 25' in 6 inch increments.
Banners are Digitally Printed on 13mil scrim banner vinyl and finished with hem tape and grommets.
These banners are excellent for drawing attention to your campaign.
If used outdoors, these banners should be mounted against a wall or board for longest life.

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