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Deluxe Magnetic Car Signs, Vehicle Magnets, Truck Signs

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The Power of Outdoor Advertising

Can you think of another way to advertise your business to hundreds or thousands of people every day for under $100? Magnetic signs do just that. Year after Year! Compare that staying power to a 30 second radio spot or a 1 inch classified ad hidden in the newspaper.

Nearly every major brand has recognized the power of vehicle advertising. They spend thousands per truck - BECAUSE IT WORKS. Vehicle magnetic signs let you capture the impact of outdoor advertising while allowing you to remove the signs when you prefer to go unnoticed.

Most signs contain:
  • A Business Name
  • A Slogan or a few words about your Business
  • Phone Number
  • License or Certification Info when required



Online Design Tool

The easiest way to create artwork for your signs is to use our ONLINE DESIGN TOOL. By setting the size above and clicking GO you will be shown several artwork templates that you can use a base for your design or start from scratch. Adding text, setting fonts and colors is real easy. You can even choose from 1000's of clip art or add your own digital files.

Sending Files

The file formats we prefer are:
  • cdr - CorelDRAW® (convert TEXT to curves)
  • eps - Postscript
  • ai - Adobe Illustrator® (MAC) (convert TEXT to outlines)
  • wmf - Windows Meta File
  • gif - Bitmap
  • jpg - Bitmap
  • bmp - Bitmap
  • tif - Bitmap

If your software isn't listed above, most programs will export in one of the formats above. Please remember to convert any text to curves - Our FONTS are probably different than yours. Just email us the file along with: shipping details.

Digital Files

We can print most any digital file that you send us including photographs and complex artwork. You can read more about our digital printing here.


We list the standard pricing for our signs. Additional time or materials involved in typesetting, formatting artwork, retrieving files and fonts, scanning, color matching, etc is billed additionally as required.

Logo Design

If you don't yet have a logo, we can provide logo and complete design services for an additional charge. Please email us with your ideas for a quote.

Proof Image Quality

The actual signs you receive will be much higher resolution than shown on your screen. If you would like a higher resolution proof, we'll be glad to send it.

Below is our pricing for our most popular sizes. We can make most any other size.

  1 6 12 20 50 100
12"x8" $ 16.66 $ 12.86 $ 11.16 $ 10.16 $ 7.67 $ 5.75
16"x8" $ 18.88 $ 15.21 $ 13.54 $ 12.46 $ 9.56 $ 7.17
24"x8" $ 23.31 $ 19.91 $ 18.31 $ 17.06 $ 13.33 $ 10.00
18"x12" $ 24.98 $ 21.68 $ 20.10 $ 18.79 $ 14.75 $ 11.06
24"x12" $ 29.97 $ 26.97 $ 25.47 $ 23.97 $ 19.00 $ 14.25
24"x18" $ 37.22 $ 33.49 $ 31.63 $ 28.19 $ 22.84 $ 17.86
36"x18" $ 48.09 $ 43.28 $ 40.87 $ 34.53 $ 28.61 $ 23.27
36"x22" $ 55.33 $ 49.80 $ 47.03 $ 38.76 $ 32.45 $ 26.88
48"x22" $ 68.62 $ 61.76 $ 58.32 $ 46.50 $ 39.50 $ 33.50

Please measure your vehicle before ordering to be sure.
Note: Other Sizes Available. Some design options such as additional colors and logos may increase the price
of your signs. Once your design is created, you will be shown the actual price.
Properly cared for magnetic signs can easily last three years or more. Here's some tips:

Keep Them Clean

  • Always clean the magnet and the car surface before installing.
  • Dirty surfaces prevent the magnet from bonding properly.
  • Do not install damp or wet. Water will prevent the magnets from bonding.
  • Use water and a mild detergent - test in a small spot.

Put Them On Properly

  • Cold magnets are stiff and will not apply properly. Allow them to warm to room temperature.
  • Apply magnets by starting at one end and letting the magnet pull itself onto the vehicle.
  • Avoid air pockets, body trim, or body creases.
  • Do not attempt to use signs that don't fit 100% flat to the vehicle.

Take Them Off Regularly

  • Depending on your driving conditions, remove the signs daily or weekly
  • If it is hot, the magnet can stretch out of shape. Allow the magnet to cool first.
  • Store your magnets where they won't be damaged by sharp or heavy objects.
  • Smooth metal garage doors and appliances are great for storing car magnets.
  • Remove signs DAILY on new cars. Your paint will still be curing for up to 2-6 months.

Be sure to measure your vehicle before ordering to ensure proper fit.


Production Time: Most orders are filled in 1-2 business days.

Material: 30 Mil USA made flexible vinyl magnetic sheeting.

Printing Method: UV Stabilized, Solvent Based Outdoor Inks, digitally printed at up to 1440 dpi (depending on original artwork quality)

Shipping Weight: 10 oz. per square foot.

Maximum Size: 48 x 22 inches.

Standard: Rounded corners to prevent peeling and damage.

Options: Clear Vinyl Laminate - Reduces chance of damage from scratches caused by brush, tools or car doors.

Minimum Quantity: Available in quantities of 1 or more - no minimum.

Quantity Pricing: Quantity pricing applies - "the more you order, the cheaper they get". Commonly quoted prices are based on a pair of signs (2 pcs).

Shipping Method: UPS Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day and 1 Day service, Common Freight, US Priority to APO, FPO, AK & HI - Tracking numbers are sent on the evening your order ships.

How long will my magnets last?

Properly cared for, your magnets should last 3-5 years.

Will magnets stick to my car?

Our magnets will still to any steel vehicle. They will not stick to plastic, fiberglass or composite materials. Check your vehicle with a fridge magnet.



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